...about music lessons with Sandra Layman




"Sandra is an amazing teacher! Very encouraging and kind, she's been an inspiring teacher. People say as you get older, it's hard to learn new skills, but Sandra is patient and it's obvious that she's very passionate about teaching. Sandra has definitely been one of the best teachers I've had, both musically and otherwise."
- Elena Cheung, viola student; University of Washington student


"Sandra inspires me to express the emotional power that draws me into the music. Sandra's technical skills and her ability to share their mechanics, have made creating personally satisfying music attainable for me. I value the lessons I have had with Sandra very much, and continue to learn from them long after they are over. "

- Janet Fagan, violin student; Teaching Artist (www.JanetFagan.com); violinist with "Seattle Klezmer"


"[Sandra] has enhanced my singing experience enormously with her knowledge of music, skill, patience, kindness and supportive feedback . She also has a great sense of humor--making our lessons a lot of fun. One could not want a better teacher."

"Thanks for your infinite patience, your knowledge of music theory and history, and great sense of humor. I am so grateful that you have given me basic skills that allow me to begin to read music. My goal is to improve my sight-reading so I can better participate in our community choir. I am confident that you will guide me to a higher level of competence. I look forward to our future lessons."

- Ron Schneeweiss, MD; sight-singing, ear-training, and music-theory student


"Secretly famous, Sandra Layman has a vast wealth of knowledge, and she does not stint to share it. She's the Go-To Girl for all things violinic, especially Klezmer, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, and probably a few others. O, yeah, and classical. Ask her a question, then hold on tight, 'cause you'll get answers to aspects of your inquiry you didn't even know existed."

- Constantin Parvulescu, violin student; primas (violinist and leader) of Ensemble Sub Masa and other popular bands; luthier




"What a stroke of luck it was to have found you. You truly have a gift for teaching kids the violin. It is really something to watch how you translate all these technical skills into something Anna can understand and do -- and you make it so fun!"

- Amy Hansen, mother of Anna, age 6


"Dear Sandra,

Thank you for teaching me many things. Now I know that music is one way to make my dreams come true. You are the best teacher I had ever had."

- Jeanette Lin, age 11


"Thanks for a wonderful introduction to the violin & music world!"

- Jodie N., mother of Spencer, age 6


"Thank you so much for all of the effort and energy you've put into teaching Miles. He has come so far. It has also been a joy to hear you play."

- Beth F., mother of Miles, age 9


"It's been a pleasure working with you...I appreciate your dedication and patience."

- Mother of C., age 11


"Good at getting [our] "antsy" kid to focus...Very dependable and patient, good at communicating...A knowledgeable and kind teacher, an important combination."

- Parents of Viviana, age 4


"She manages to keep my child interested, even when it seems impossible. My daughter's playing has greatly improved with Sandra's lessons."

- Carol B, mother of Shira, age 11





"Sandra is a great teacher, and patient person."

- E.F., Seattle Public School orchestra director and violin instructor